Winning Real Estates Closing Techniques


Closing a deal means that everyone involved in the deal found an agreeable position and is willing to finalise the transaction on those terms. Your success as a real estate investor is paramount. There are a series of key milestones that must be hit in order to be in a position to close a deal.


1.   Assumptive Close

Test the waters and feel the client out during any point of the negotiation. Make use of an assumptive close to gently push the client towards making the purchase without giving them the time for reasons or excuses to delay or put off the deal. The goal is to get the client to respond with positive feedback. 


2.    Summarising Close

Summarising all the features of your property or service and the benefits it will offer your clients. It re-engages and refreshes your clients’ memory to have a stronger leaning towards your property or service compared to your competitors. Using this close often assists in revealing the core objection because the client feels obligated explaining their hesitation to proceed further.


3.   Act Now or Never Closing

Now-or-never closes instil a sense of urgency in potential clients’ minds, deploy this strategy by engaging in a manner that suggests they’ve already decided to buy and reinforcing that decision with positive, supportive remarks and questions in overcoming any final objections by building the momentum towards closing the deal.


 4.    The Opportunity Cost Closing

When the client is apprehensive about the cost, let them take any key decision at their pace. Make them feel as if everything is their choice. Most clients expect the agents to bombard them with too much information and push them forward. Instead, be the first agent they are dealing with who is ready to give them time.


5.   Sharp Angle Closing

This relies on the principle of reciprocity; positive actions will trigger a positive response. To close a deal through this technique, offer the client an extra feature that is of less value to you and more value to the client. In return, the client will feel obligated to purchase your property or services out of goodwill.

Knowing how to close a deal and addressing the concerns of clients are the most vital factors in becoming a successful real estate investor. 

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