It's no secret that the real estate industry has long been plagued by common malpractices. From shady sales tactics to deceptive advertising, these practices have cast a pall over the industry and its reputation.


However, the good news is that the real estate industry is beginning to take steps to address these issues. There are a growing number of organisations, both public and private, that are dedicated to promoting ethical standards in the real estate industry.


These organisations are working to create a more transparent and accountable marketplace for both buyers and sellers. They are publishing public advisories on best practices and resources for consumers, creating educational materials on common malpractices, and providing resources for buyers and sellers to report any suspicious activity.


The bottom line is that these organisations are dedicated to creating a fairer and more transparent marketplace. They are working to ensure that real estate transactions are conducted with the utmost integrity and that buyers and sellers are treated fairly.


The real estate industry has the potential to be a great source of wealth and opportunity for many people. With organisations dedicated to promoting ethical standards and practices, there is great hope for the future of the industry. As 2023 unfolds, this is an exciting time for the real estate industry to see more progress and development. 

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