The only Place Called Home

Green properties, eco-friendly construction and sustainable habitats have become the new buzzwords in reality. Today, the green property concept has evolved across the globe. As the effects of climate changes are getting more visible, the concept is changing in the real estate sector holding a positive impact on the environment with the green property gleaning immense attention in elevating the quality of indoor and outdoor ambience.


Green is the new black across the globe. The property sector is embracing eco-friendliness in exploring green construction materials and promoting green homes. Homeowners are beginning to make their homes more environmentally friendly with contractors offering eco-friendly construction materials such as smart home technology, rooftop solar panels and improved insulation which is attractive in the eyes of both consumers and developers. the use of sustainable materials and appliances can reduce energy costs. It is cheaper to maintain and operate because it uses less water, conserves natural resources, improves energy efficiency and provides a healthier ambience in the long run.


The Earth has suffered tremendously in the name of property development. Developers and businessmen are partly responsible for carbon emissions, energy efficiencies, deforestation, sick building syndrome, soil degradation and high water stress. The urgency and emergence of green properties have played a crucial role in the quest to resolve this environmental emergency. Sustainability may help avoid the disruption of natural resources in the future.


With sustainability becoming a more popular trend, the demand for green properties will be fuelled by consumers’ changing lifestyle. Millennial homebuyers prefer smart technology, a healthier environment with low maintenance and they value sustainability. They are already changing market dynamics by wanting to purchase properties from real estate agencies which respect the environment.


The growth on the green initiatives may be minimal and not up to the expected scale. Eco-friendly construction projects are subject to the notion of the real estate market, which is influenced by buyers, sellers, investors, businessmen, the economy, societal dynamics, and public policies. New technologies and Millenials could perhaps become the driving force behind much wider adoption of sustainable buildings. The end goal is to ensure that the only home called Earth propels various green properties for the coming years.



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