When it comes to buying or renting a unit of high-rise property, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. From the location and amenities offered in the building, to the quality of construction and cost associated with living in such an environment - it's important for potential buyers or renters alike to assess all their options before deciding. 

First off, you'll want to consider your budget when deciding whether you'd like to buy or rent. Renting can offer more flexibility than owning since monthly payments may be lower than mortgage costs; however, if you plan on staying long-term then purchasing may make more financial sense as this will ensure stability over time. Additionally, consider any additional fees associated with either option such as maintenance charges or taxes which could impact your overall expenses significantly depending on what is included within them! 

Next up is assessing where exactly these properties are located? Many high-rises tend towards city centres so they often provide excellent access points for public transportation systems but also come at higher prices due their prime locations; alternatively, some buildings might have less direct links but still offer great views from higher floors along with other perks like swimming pools etc., so always weigh up pros versus cons accordingly before committing yourself too quickly! 

Finally, don't forget about safety when looking at different units – check out security measures provided by each building (elevator locks/security guards etc.) plus find out if there have been any reports of break ins recently which would give further insight into how secure your prospective home really is. All these considerations should help inform decisions made around whether one should purchase or rent a unit in order to get the most bang for buck!

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