Safe Ventures

Making our home as secure as possible should always be a priority, no matter where we live. With a little effort, care, and maybe some investment, we can have a home that is impenetrable and secure. A home should be the place where we never need to worry about outside danger, or our precious things being stolen

It’s easy to be complacent about our home security– especially if we live in a secure home in a decent residential area where there’s never been any trouble and where our neighbours keep a friendly eye on our property when we are not around. The harsh truth is, crime is on the rise, and we simply can’t afford to take our home security for granted. It’s worth evaluating our home security on a regular basis to make sure we haven’t overlooked anything and that we’re not getting a bit complacent and taking things for granted.


We should always make sure that we lock the doors and windows before leaving the house. If keeping our home safe is a priority, we should keep all of the doors locked at night even if we are at home. Almost everyone would have at least forgotten to lock their doors at some point of their life especially in a rush or an emergency. Thanks to smart locks, it eliminates the need for a physical key and provides easy access to lock and unlock the door from our mobile device.


Home alarm systems are now more affordable than ever before. A self-monitored alarm is one that we monitor ourselves. When an alarm is triggered, we're responsible for contacting the fire department, police, or other emergency services. These systems are connected, and guaranteed a swift response during an emergency or break-in

Hidden security cameras are another way to keep homes safe at all times because these devices are very effective in keeping track of the property’s surroundings and monitor who enters a property. Surveillance cameras are meant to deter criminals from breaking into homes and keeping us safe. With these popular cameras, we can easily view different areas around the outside and inside of our home.

The most common entry point for a burglar is the windows and doors, it's best to have sensors on them and get alerted when it’s been triggered.  Most motion sensors are placed inside the home where high traffic occurs or near entry points. While most burglars would try stealthy ways to get into the property, others may result in breaking windows to gain access. With a glass break sensor, a broken window will sound the alarm and alert the monitoring centre, scaring off the intruder in the process.  

Even the sturdiest of home security systems can fall prey to time and bad maintenance. Whether it’s analogue or smart security, it is vital to perform periodic maintenance.

Investing in home securities protects our precious family and home.



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