Roller Coaster Journey of Home Purchasers

We live in a smart world aided by smartphones, the trend of buying a home has evolved with the use of Internet's prowess to fulfil homebuyers’ quest for relevant information. The process and prospect of buying a home is a major step in anyone’s life.


Jumpstart the home search within a comfortable budget or amount based on consumers income and financial commitments. Down payment is often the biggest hurdle to jump in order to secure their dream home. One must understand that emotions will fluctuate throughout the process. There could be contingencies and reasons why the loan was not approved causing a roadblock is not personal, it’s the process.


Consumers have to know exactly the equated monthly instalment they will be paying to ensure their monthly budget is not affected. Real estate web portals provide an instant calculator to help consumers calculate their loan requirements right on the go. Consumers can now calculate from the comforts of their home, using smartphones or laptops. To arrive at the monthly instalment figure, consumers need to provide relevant details including age, annual earnings, loan amount, and desired loan tenure.


More potential consumers go online for a verified real estate listing, to provide an actual representation of the property and the developer. Consumers triple check references, success stories, and agents’ reputation. While it may not be possible to buy a house without feeling overwhelmed, it is possible to alleviate such feelings, by trusting and connecting with a professional real estate agent in the home buying process especially as a first-time home buyer. They will be able to guide consumers through the process by answering any questions that may arise and assist in choosing the right house that’s within the consumers’ budget. 


It’s very common for emotions like frustration and worry to surface throughout the journey, especially if the loan approval is lengthy. Buying a home can take weeks, months or longer. It is not a one-step decision but a multi-step process, that every step in that process should be properly celebrated—from searching the property, to getting in touch with real estate agents, to site visits, to passing inspection, and finally to closing. Taking the time to live in the moment and properly recognise every significant step.  


Homebuying can sometimes be a stressful journey, but it is a truly momentous occasion when the keys are handed to the consumers—one that should be joyously celebrated. 



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