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Selling a home is a stress-inducing and time-consuming process. Sadly, it can become even more daunting when the property is located in an unprofitable location. Irrespective of the condition of your house, whether it is not presently in demand, the emotional ties to your homes can also cause feelings of anxiety and sadness when it’s time to say goodbye or any other circumstances, finding suitable buyers can be an arduous task especially if the neighbourhood is not the most appealing.


Whatever the case may be, with the right strategy tackling the trickiest task of selling a home can be challenging. We’ve rounded up a few steps to deal with these challenges and increase the desirability of your home.


Instead of spending months trying to find leads that may not work, it is best to consult an experienced real estate agent to connect with potential buyers who are interested in homes around your location, guide you through the selling process, including the paperwork and getting your home sold. This specific experience could bring in invaluable insights in how to overcome the mental hurdles that block buyers from considering homes in your location. With efficient marketing, good home presentation paired with the right budget and navigating the closing can make property located in suboptimal locations stand out from the rest and attract buyers.


Propnex are market experts with highly experienced real estate agents who can help market, sell homes in your neck of the woods and save a huge amount in the process. 


A determining factor in a sale -honesty is the best policy. A positive spin in a potential problem- disclosing the benefits and issues of the house, balancing it out with the perks of the place. Discuss the shortcomings of the location but be sure to follow any negatives with positives about the home as well. Many real estate experts recommend sellers to be truthful about the features that make their house less coveted among buyers. They should consider being truthful about the factors that may affect the future dweller of the residence. Being honest in this kind of situation is more beneficial in the long run, it can help you connect with potential buyers plus get a great deal that works for each other. It may also give them the impression you aren’t trying to pull the wool over their eyes. There is nothing worse than trying to blindside someone especially when it’s putting their lifetime savings to buy a home for their family. 

A great first impression starts with a clean home. Freshen up your home by completing all minor repairs with potentially inexpensive upgrades to increase the market value of your home. Give your home an alluring look by sprucing a fresh coat of neutral hue paint, doing some light landscaping to help the home maintain a fresh environment. When redecorating depersonalise as possible - pack away unnecessary items, for potential buyers to imagine how the house would look if they lived in it.

To ensure you get a great offer for your home, evaluate what affected the value of the homes that were sold for a lower price. Establish a competitive price for your home that will attract buyers. With a solid real estate marketing plan, you will have a significant advantage in selling your home.

Remember there is always a buyer for every home. Explore every option when selling your home, it is not impossible. 

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