Four Powerful Secrets to Master the Art of Real Estate

As a Real Estate Negotiator Team leader dealing with high rise residential properties such as condominiums, I have identified four essential factors that have significantly contributed to a high success rate in closing deals. These factors, when executed effectively, can help real estate agents stand out in a competitive market and achieve their goals. I will discuss these four factors that will give an edge in the industry.


I have had my fair share of challenges in closing deals. However, in my years of experience, I have identified four winning points that have helped me and my team successfully close deals. These winning points are Cold Calling, WhatsApp blast on new property listings, Building connections with important people, first impression, and After sales services follow-up.


Cold Calling might seem like an outdated approach for many in this digital era. However, it remains an effective way of reaching out to potential buyers. By proactively calling potential clients, we are able to introduce our properties and services, identify their needs, and build rapport. When people feel that you genuinely care about them and are willing to listen to their needs, they are more likely to trust you and consider buying from you.


WhatsApp blast on new property listings is another effective way to reach out to potential buyers. By sending out a message to our database of clients and prospects, we are able to create interest in the property and generate leads. It's important to make sure the message is concise, informative, and engaging to capture the reader's attention.


Building connections with important people is crucial in our field. By connecting with key players such as bankers, lawyers, and developers, we open up new opportunities for business and referrals. Building a strong network takes time and effort, but it's worth the investment.


The first impression is everything in business. A good impression sets the tone for a positive business relationship, while a bad one can ruin it. As a team leader, we emphasise on building a professional image and providing top-notch service to our clients. We make sure to dress appropriately, speak clearly, and actively listen to our clients' needs.


Lastly, after sales services follow-up is critical in building long-term relationships with our clients. We follow up with clients after the deal is closed to ensure they are satisfied with the property and the services provided. We also keep in touch with them and update them on new properties and investment opportunities.


These four winning points have been instrumental in closing deals and building lasting relationships with our clients. As a Real Estate Negotiator Team leader, it's important to embrace new and innovative approaches while also focusing on building strong connections, providing top-notch services, and following up with clients. By doing so, we can achieve long-term success and thrive in the competitive real estate industry.

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