A New Wave

Sabah home to miles of pristine beaches with a vibrant coastal lifestyle. The finest stretches of sand can be found in Kota Kinabalu (KK). In recent years, KK has undergone many infrastructure improvements to accommodate the growth of tourists and expats.

A dynamic coastal environment with world-class corporate office spaces, beach, vast recreational and leisure facilities. Beaches are frequented by tourists throughout the year, a number of supporting businesses are set up and scattered throughout the area, such as shopping centres with a range of famous brands, stores, appetising restaurants, and spas giving it quick access to retail necessities and grab essentials.

A beachfront condo or home is a lucrative investment since they are among the least affected with the fluctuations in the property market. These types of properties have high market values and the chance to earn significant profit by renting it out. Generally, beachfront properties are more expensive and known for their prime spot for real estate investment than those in other parts of the city. 

Many people including tourists and expats invest in beachfront properties solely because they want to enjoy stellar views of the ocean and the tranquillity that comes with it. Imagine opening your windows to the stunning sight of the ocean every single day especially during sunrise or sunset, the sight from a beachfront home or condo will never grow old.

While fresh air is instrumental for a healthier mind and body, beaches are always thronging with aquatic activities, fishing, an evening stroll, and exercises. This creates a healthy environment by engaging wholesome activities and socialising amongst neighbours and residents.

KK is a lovely destination for a perfect beach retirement home after a busy working life. Making an investment at a young age serves as an additional source of revenue when the property is rented out before the retirement age.

KK has a wide variety of properties for buyers ranging from apartments, condos and landed properties providing excellent amenities for general family entertainment, combined with the aura and beauty of the beaches, make beach houses perfect investment choice.

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