Sonny Yeow

Agency Leader, JB

Sonny holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business & Administration from the University of Coventry where he majored in Finance & Marketing. He is also a probationary valuer.

Sonny started his “real estate life” in 2003, initially focusing on property development and management to gain knowledge required to create a real estate portfolio. Armed with these knowledge and his network of partners, he was able to invest successfully in real estate across market cycle. In particular he was able to take advantage of the market dislocation during the 2008 financial crisis for himself and his partners.

He personally believes that real estate investment offers limitless potential for return.

His primary motivation in life is his family, driving him to work ever harder to provide for them. In his leisure time, he enjoys running and socialising with his friends and family.

As of today, Sonny has achieved over RM100 million in total sales, his highest return on investment is more than 200%.

With his 17 years of experience in real estate, he hopes to continue building the company by advising his fellow teammates and colleagues. Together with LV, Dom, Vincent, and Guna, they are leading PropNex’s Johor Bahru branch.