Evon Heng

Chief Operating Officer

Evon grew up in Klang with a large family consisting of her father, mother, and three younger siblings. Since young, she was very responsible and scored good results. Her ambition was to become a businesswoman, this was largely influenced by her parents who were both in the business field. It was also a way for her to achieve her mother’s dream, who had many restrictions when she was younger.

After completing her degree in Business Administration, she joined a Singapore based company as a monetary trainer under the ISO quality management system in 1994. After just a year in the company she was promoted to a consultant and continued working there for 3 years. Then she moved on to an engineering firm and held a 10% stake in that company. Later on, she joined one of the main companies that provided raw Japanese food to restaurants around KL.

Her father, who is a negotiator, is her main inspiration to join the real estate industry. While in her first job, she enrolled into a part time diploma course in Estate Agency. She worked as a Probationary Estate Agent for 2 years, where she was introduced to Marcus and was drafted into Propleague as a license holder. Together with her business partner Steve, they opened a branch in Sungai Besi, KL. It wasn’t an overnight success as they had to start from scratch, she started by selling low cost apartments and gradually built her network. At one point, they had over 50 negotiators on their team.

PropNex was introduced to her by Marcus and Yuki when they invited her and Steve to attend a convention held by PropNex Singapore. After attending the convention, she was convinced to join PropNex Malaysia, most of her team members from Propleague also trusted her to move into PropNex Malaysia. There, their duties became heavier due to the different working cultures and demands to cope with PropNex Singapore's standards. In the beginning many of them felt like giving up, but after attending few trainings, they were back on their feet and started to embrace the challenges.

Now, Evon has been in the real estate business for almost 12 years. She believes that there are no unsold properties, as long as there is a demand to buy, the gates to supply those demands are always open. Evon and her team wants PropNex to be the main player in Malaysia, they are consistently putting in their best efforts. She hopes that with all the good work and effort, they could be listed as one of the top 3 real estate agencies in Malaysia in the next 5 years.