Marcus Teng

Chief Executive Officer

At the head of PropNex Malaysia, leading the pack and taking the helm, is Marcus Teng, the Director of Directors, as well as the father figure among the PropNex Malaysia agents.

Marcus began his venture into real estate in the year 2000, when the country’s economic state was far from ideal, and bank interest rate was as high as 16%. Marcus’s sole purpose of entering real estate was to turn his family’s fate around, and real estate was where he decided he could build high quality network at the time. Despite the odds that were far from being in his favour, he still excelled in his personal sales, and set up his own agency within a short period of six months. In 2008, the second branch was set up, and a new branch was subsequently set up every year until 2011, when the fifth branch was launched.

Like all success stories, Marcus’s journey was not always smooth sailing. Although his agency grew every year, he faced the common trouble of retaining his talents. One thing led to another, and his branches started closing one by one. He knew the solution, but had no time or resources to develop for his team what they needed in order to sustain them, up until a chance meeting with PropNex Singapore, when he knew he had found the system he couldn’t build.

Bringing PropNex to Malaysia meant letting go of the agency and the brand that he had spent the last 9 years building. Marcus made the move, guided by his vision of having his agents creating success on this platform, building their wealth alongside their entrepreneurial career in real estate without feeling the need to start their own companies. Marcus had believed that by starting PropNex Malaysia, it will change the Malaysian property scene, both in the lives of agents across Malaysia, as well as the quality in service that the property consumers will receive.

Marcus’s resilience and courage are the leadership traits in which his agents had placed their trust. He believes that by building others up, he is also realising a bigger self, one who is passionate and risking responsibly. The highlight in his career is not the properties he own, nor starting PropNex Malaysia, but taking leaders under his wing and creating people whose income exceed their wildest dreams, and with PropNex Malaysia, he is looking to transform the industry, and to create value for the local real estate scene.